Our Mission

Every child has an inherent value, which is exceptional and exclusive to them. Our mission is to provide a secure, happy and inclusive community, based on the teachings of the Catholic faith, where children will develop the inner confidence and self-esteem necessary to flourish in our rapidly changing world. Whilst we protect and nurture our children, we also challenge and extend them in order to build their ability to thrive as adults in the future. 

We strive to awaken the children, to broaden minds and widen perspectives.  We encourage learning, independence of thought and the cultivation of self-belief, skill, wisdom and curiosity.

We are preparing each child to live life to the full, encouraging them to live responsibly and thoughtfully and to embrace, with energy and enthusiasm, the great opportunities that lie ahead.  It is our sincere desire that each will use their compassion, knowledge, passions and energies to make the world a better place – and believe they can do so.