Meet the Team


Mr Callow

Assistant Head – Boarding & Pastoral

Mr Callow oversees the day to day running of the boarding house. He always wears a smile! Mr Callow has been involved in boarding at All Hallows for 16 years, right back to the time when he had a full head of hair. Mr Callow lives on site with his wife and two young daughters, who love playing with the boarders or outside in the wonderful school grounds. Mr Callow plays the guitar (badly) and was, in his day, a handy sportsman.

Mrs Callow

Boarding Administration (and Mr Callow’s better half)

Aside from being a busy mum of two, Mrs Callow keeps tabs on who is in the boarding house at any one time, liaises with parents and generally makes sure that the boarding house runs smoothly. A qualified teacher herself, Mrs Callow regularly involves herself at weekends. Mrs Callow is also a mean hockey player and a runner.

Mrs Roberts

Deputy Head of Boarding, Girls' House Parent

A hugely talented music teacher, Mrs Roberts looks after all the girls. A keen baker she keeps the girls happy and full. Mrs Roberts adds a female touch and sprinkling of glamour to the landings and keeps Mr Roberts in check. Mrs Roberts can often be found in one of our music practice rooms fine tuning the voice of an up and coming Katherine Jenkins.

Mr Roberts

Boarding Assistant

Mr Roberts, now in his second year at All Hallows, joined the residential team along with his wife Mrs Roberts. He loves walking their dogs Daisy and Lucy. Mr Roberts is a fantastic cricketer and all-round sportsman, who enjoys showcasing his talents with the boarders of an evening.

Mrs Weir

Junior Boys Houseparent

Mrs Weir is a Year 2 teacher as well as a busy houseparent.  She lives on site with her husband, two young children and Harry the dog.

Mr Weir

Boarding Assistant

 Mr Weir plays a vital supporting role in the boarding house and can often be spotted walking Harry the dog or immersed in activities.

Mrs Mitchell

Medical Matron

The 'glue' that often holds the boarding house together!  Mrs Mitchell is never far from the action.  A fully qualified nurse, she looks after our poorly pupils, our injured pupils, keeps an eye on our young sports men and women, carries out a whole range of welfare tasks for our boarders and is generally a constant presence and support in the boarding house and around school.  


Mr Wheatley

Senior Boys House Parent

Hailing from Bradford on Avon, Mr Wheatley has just begun his NQT year.  He is a member of BOA Rugby Club, sitting on the Club Committee and still playing when school commitments allow.  He is most often found around the campus channelling the energy of our boarders into physical activities!


The team is also supported by an army of fabulous domestic staff who look after cleaning and laundry.