Chapel & Spiritual Life

To know Him, to love Him, to serve Him.

At All Hallows, children learn the language of the Christian faith in the classroom, experience the love of God and respond in worship, and live lives of service to others, sharing and celebrating each other’s failures and successes daily.

Trying to put a finger on the spirituality of the school could be likened to the futility of trying to pin down sparks from a fire. To push the analogy further, the centre of the fire is the love of Christ to be found in the hearts of the staff, parents and pupils - all those involved in the community, both past and present. Stoking that fire of love of Christ, is the Word of God (read and prayed together in tutor groups and chapel times) and, especially as we are a Catholic community, the presence of Christ in the Sacraments (Mass twice a week with occasional Confessions and preparation for First Holy Communion and Confirmation where appropriate).

All Hallows Chapel, our sacred space for worship, has grown from a small cruciform room tucked under the attics to a freestanding building in the woods. 25 years ago, the Chapel of All Saints was consecrated. The School Chaplains have always been generously provided by the Benedictine Community at Downside Abbey, currently Dom Boniface Hill, and in recent years we have also been joined by local parish priests, including Rev Philip Thomas from St Theresa and St Joseph’s in Wells.

Pupils are encouraged to serve the worshipping community by learning to be sacristans or Mass servers. Chapel Prefects help with the day to day running of the Chapel. Each week, the whole school comes together for Mass. Each tutor group will take it in turns to help prepare readings and prayers throughout the year. The Chapel Choir, who have built their own reputation, (Director of Music, Michael Castle) make a vital contribution every week. At the weekend, the boarders have Sunday Mass at 6pm which is also open to the wider community, especially the parish of St Michael's in Shepton Mallet.