The ‘House’ System

Every pupil at All Hallows is a member of a ‘house’. Our four houses are Batcombe (blue), Cranmore (yellow), Downhead (red) and Wanstrow (green).

Children join a house as soon as they start school and siblings are always put in the same house. The houses compete against each other in many inter house competitions. These include earning merits, Poetry, Music, Art, raising money for charity and many different sporting events. The house system at All Hallows dates back to the 1940s when a system of ‘Packs’ was used and each house was named after an animal; lions, panthers, tigers,and later wolves. These animals are still assigned to houses today and appear on the house banners that are used on competition days, such as sports day.

Each house has two house captains who oversee activities and put together lists of competitors. There is also a very loyal band of staff attached to each house who encourage the children and help to organise events.

A master list is kept during the year of all the results and at the end of each term cups are presented for the different competitions. These are placed on the shelving above each house’s notice board which is situated outside the dining room. Then, at the end of the summer term, the House Champions are announced.

The children at All Hallows are very loyal to their houses and the enthusiasm and keen competitive spirit is palpable during any competition.