The School Council

Electing and running a School Council is a key part of the PSHE curriculum and involves children from Years 3 to 8. Its main purpose is to help the children develop an understanding of their own ability to effect positive changes in their environment.

This is achieved by involving them in decision-making and respecting them as partners in their own education, encouraging a sense of ownership.  Effective democratic representation also provides a real context for citizenship education and gives the children an experience which will help to create more involved, empowered and active citizens for the future. 

The School Council meets at least twice a term as a whole and sub committees may meet more often.  The Council may invite the Head, the Catering Manager or other interested parties to its meetings to put forward ideas for implementation. The council members report back to their tutor groups or give presentations in assembly. Each year the Council tries to contribute one large completed project as its legacy. Examples of recent initiatives are the hitting wall on the Crane Wing building, extension of the AVP with monkey bars added and the climbing wall, wooden benches in front of the Crane Wing and the tree and round seat on the courtyard area.