Post CE Programme

At All Hallows we run a comprehensive Post Common Entrance Exam programme for our Year 8 children. With less focus on academia post exams, the last few weeks at All Hallows are a fantastic opportunity for our Year 8 children to follow an exciting programme focused upon fun and all-round personal development.

We offer a detailed programme of events and activities that changes slightly each year but which includes activities such as - presentations on Drug Awareness, Careers, Money Management, Recycling, a Forensic Science Day, trips to Splashdown, Thorpe Park and Brokerswood Outdoor Activity Centre, The children also create a professional Leaver’s Book with experts as a memento and write a Head’s essay. There is also the Confirmation Retreat and the much anticipated Year 8 Camp.

These are great opportunities for the children to demonstrate their increasing maturity, ability to enjoy each other’s company, whilst being allowed a little more independence. It is a full and exciting programme that reflects our commitment to the all-round personal development of our children as we prepare them for the exciting future that lies ahead.