Scholarships & Awards

Our children win awards to a wide range of day and boarding schools throughout the country.

The breadth of success encompasses academic achievement, sport, art, music and drama, as well as all round excellence. For a broadly non-selective school on entry, we have always been proud of our Scholarship results – and we are delighted that our focus on individualised, independent and innovative learning pays such dividends as our pupils transfer to their senior school of choice. We are very proud of a record that consistently sees some 60% plus of our leavers win a scholarship or exhibition to a variety of schools, while 100% regularly pass Common Entrance to the senior school of their choice.

In 2016, 37 scholarship awards were gained by our Year 8 pupils to a variety of schools with around 60% of leavers securing an award. These awards were in recognition of all areas of school life – Academic, Sports, Music, Art, Subject Specific as well as numerous All Rounder Awards and Special Head’s Awards. In 2017 we have been awarded 40 scholarships, and counting.... 


Caspar Clothier Downside School 

Pippa Coombes King's Bruton 

Ryan Cooper West Buckland School 

Harriet Crowe Downside School 

Freddy Dalgliesh Downside School 

Lara Dunford Prior Park College 

Charles Eke Clifton College 

Joe Gartell King's Bruton 

Oliver Gooding Monkton 

Thomas Green Downside School 

Daniel Hendry Milton Abbey 

Edward Isola Downside School 

Arndy Jackson Downside School 

Madeleine Ley-Morgan Clifton College

Salvador Luther-Payne Millfield

Daisy Marsh Downside School 

Hero Murphy Downside School 

Isabelle O'Neill Downside School 

Rowan Oliver King's Bruton 

Oliver Osborne Prior Park College 

Emily Paterson Millfield 

Rosie Pughe-Morgan Downside School 

Megan Rundle Millfield 

Molly White Leweston School 

Phoebe Williams Clifton College 

Alma Wirth Sherborne College 


Emma Badman Downside School 

Georgia Brooks St Mary's School, Calne

Edmund Burgess Oundle School 

Rosie Byrne King's Bruton 

Alice Dymond King's College, Taunton

Bethe Eke Clifton College 

John Fitzgerald Downside School 

Henry Foster Prior Park College 

Gregor Gaggero Downside School 

Francesca Gash Haileybury & Imperial Service College 

Eva Gould Downside School 

Tom Griffiths Monkton 

Georgina Hackett Wells Cathedral School 

Phoebe Hawkins Bruton School for Girls

Oliver Hutton Downside School 

Evangeline Jackson Dauntsey's School 

Honor Mant King's Bruton

George Matthew King's Bruton 

Daisy Matthews Downside School 

Caspar Neilson Downside School 

Jess Nicol Dauntsey's School 

Eva Perkins Downside School 

Grace Stonehouse Millfield 

Joseph Tomkins Downside School 

Bronte Tucker Downside School 

Rosie Wakelin King's Bruton

Jasper Williams Millfield

Daisy Woods Prior Park College

Freddie Wooler Clifton College




Ben Ake Wells Cathedral School 

Edward Bascombe King's Bruton 

Sam Botsford Clifton College

Henry Brand-Lyons Downside School 

Oliver Eaton Downside School 

Horatio Foster Warminster School 

Jude Fry Marlborough College

Jacob Ide King's Bruton 

Ella Jackson Downside 

Henry Jennings Prior Park College

George Ley-Morgan Clifton College

Victoria McCabe King's Bruton 

Meg Murphy Stonyhurst 

George Paterson Millfield

Sophie Peters Clifton College

Lucy Pughe-Morgan Downside

Amber Rees-Jones Kingswood School 

Tilly Sprawson Prior Park College

Josh Whitemore King's College Taunton 

George Williams Prior Park College

Molly Wilson Lord Wandsworth College

David Wirth Downside School 



Sam Abel Dauntsey's School

Rupert Bayliss Kingswood School 

Joey Blain Prior Park College

Arabella Burns Downside School 

Caitlin Cahill Prior Park College

Natalie Crowe Downside School 

Ollie B Eke Clifton College

Tom Fone Wells Cathedral School

Luke Freely Downside School 

Xanthe Gash Downside School 

Harry Gillingham Downside School 

Thomas Godwin Downside School 

Charlotte Gould King's Bruton

Elliot Gould Downside

Georgia Heath  King's Bruton 

Daisy Holland Bryanston School 

Tom Hunt Marlborough College 

Kitty Mant King's Bruton 

Poppy Marsh Downside School 

Hugo Morgan Kingswood School

Oliver Neilson Downside School 

Lindsay Pickett Prior Park College

Abigail Rees-Jones Clifton College

Julia Jolliffe Prior Park College

Eli Richards Wells Cathedral School 

Leila Richards Wells Cathedral School 

Harriet Wakelin King's Bruton 

Dulcie Spindler Dauntsey's School 

Jack White Downside School 

Annie Wooler Clifton College


Emily Ake Wells Cathedral School 

Lucy Baldwin Millfield

Joshua Bex Radley College

Fin Brown King Edward's School 

Joe Cahill Prior Park College

Tom Channer Ampleforth College

Laura Hodges The Royal High School 

Isabel Joliffe Downside School 

Daisy Mant King's Bruton

Edward McCabe  Downside School 

Heather O'Keefe Downside School 

Lily Piper Bruton School for Girls

Amelia Pughe-Morgan Downside School 

Fiona Rundle Kingswood School 

Cordelia Sheridan Downside School 

Isabelle Weir Millfield 

Tom Williams Wells Cathedral School 


Justina Alexandroff Wells Cathedral School

William Brand-Lyons Downside School

Rory Cadbury King's School, Bruton

Jack Ferguson Ray Prior Park College

Joseph Fone Wells Cathedral School

Guy Green Downside School

Miles Hackett Clifton College

Luke Holland Bryanston School

Freya Logan Leweston School

Milo McCloud King's School, Bruton

Howie Phillips Prior Park College

Sophie Sage King's School, Bruton

Millie Smith Prior Park College

William Stoyle Monkton Senior School

Michael Stride King's School, Bruton

George Thackray Downside School

Harry Travers Downside School

Lucinda Tucker Prior Park College


Lolly Bruce Jones Downside School

Cecilia Jennings Downside School

Charlotte Rickards St. Mary's Shaftesbury

Carla Kerslake Warminster School

Lucy Boulton Prior Park College

Anna Fohlmann Prior Park College

Tilly Compton-Welstead St. Mary's Shaftesbury

Alexander Fisken Prior Park College

Cecilia Jennings St. Mary's Shaftesbury

Isabella Nunes da Costa St. Mary's Shaftesbury

Amelia Burns Downside School

Lucy Parker Marlborough College

Edward Henderson Dauntsey's School


* Double award

Isabel Munro St Mary’s, Shaftesbury

Yasmeen Al Rumaithi Millfield Senior

*Jessica Brown Bruton School for Girls

Lucy Slade Redland High School for Girls

*Max Dellwhite King’s, Bruton

*William White Downside School

Miles Ryall Downside School

Nicholas Gracie Downside School

Thomas Hughes Downside School

Thomas Ormerod Downside School

Kirsten Russell Downside School

Hugo Morgan Downside school


* Double award

*Anya Boulton Prior Park College

Laura Eyles Prior Park College

Mollie Hunt Prior Park College

Wilfred Neville Prior Park College

Hamish Pearson Prior Park College

Edward Horler Millfield

Meg Stride Bruton School for Girls

*Poppy Weir Downside School

Isobel Johnstone Downside School

Ellie White Downside School

*Henry Bruce-Jones Downside School

Honor Gilbertson Downside School

George Robson Canford School

Elliot Rutter King’s, Bruton

*Theresa Constable Maxwell Prior Park College

Philippa Jalland Ampleforth college

Edward Botsford Downside school

Nico Alexandroff Wells Cathedral School

Amelia Parker Marlborough College


* Double award
# Triple award

*Robert Berridge Choral Exhibition, Downside Francis Dix Scholarship, Downside

*William Botsford Music Exhibition, Downside Francis Dix Exhibition, Downside

Jack Cadbury Sports Award, King’s School, Bruton

*Lily Fattorini Art Scholarship, Canford School Sports Scholarship, Canford School

#Sasha Gracie Sporting Excellence Scholarship, Prior Park Humanities Scholarship, Prior Park All Round Scholarship , Prior Park

Samuel Harris Francis Dix Sports and All Rounder Scholarship, Downside, School

*Lucy Howlett Academic Scholarship, Prior Park All Rounder Scholarship, Prior Park

Jessica Hubner All Round Art Award, Wells Cathedral School

Charlie Morris-Adams All Round Sport Award, Wells Cathedral School

Florence Munro Major All Round Sporting Award, St Antony’s Leweston

Finian Orme All Round Sport Award, Wells Cathedral School

Charlie Ormerod Choral Exhibition, Downside School

Henry Stonehouse All Hallows Closed Award, King’s School, Bruton

Rosanna Temple-Pedersen All Round Scholarship, St Mary’s, Shaftesbury

Gabrielle Tomlinson All Rounder Award, Roedean School

Joel Thompson All Round Academic Award, Wells Cathedral School


* Double award
# Triple award

Madeleine Kelly Academic Scholarship, Prior Park

#Phillipa Loakes Music Exhibition, Downside Academic Scholarship, Downside Francis Dix Award, Downside

Hugo Morris-Adams Academic Scholarship, Wells Cathedral

Briony Venn Academic Scholarship, St Marys, Shaftesbury

Clara Hughes Academic Scholarship, Prior Park

Katherine Eyles Academic and Drama Scholarship, Prior Park

#Megan Opie Academic Scholarship, Truro School Art Scholarship, Truro School Sport Scholarship, Truro School

*Helena Constable Maxwell Art Scholarship, Prior Park English Scholarship, Prior Park

Kristie Wombwell Music Exhibition, Malvern College

*Hugh Jennings Choral Exhibition, Downside Francis Dix Award, Downside

George Ellwood Sports Award, Sherborne Boys

Camilla Munro Sporting Exhibition, St Marys, Shaftesbury

Claudia Temple-Pedersen Sporting Exhibition, St Marys, Shaftesbury

Rebecca Turner Hobhouse Sports Award, Bruton School for Girls Sport, Prior Park

*Emma Burgess Sports Award, Kings Bruton The 'Old Brutonian, Kings Bruton Association Scholarship, Kings Bruton

Lily Bennett Art Exhibition, Downside


William Morrison All-Rounder, Clifton College Music Scholarship,
Clifton College Exhibition Award, Clifton College

Sophie Parker Academic, Godolphin

Katherine Haggett All-Rounder, Badminton

Annabel Staib Academic, St Antony’s - Leweston

Emily Haggett Academic, Badminton

Saul Thompson All-Round Academic, Wells Cathedral

Freddie Mercer Choral Exhibition, Downside Denis Agius Award, Downside

William Ormerod Choral Exhibition, Downside

Luke Pickthall All Rounder King’s, Bruton All Hallows Closed Award King’s, Bruton

Isabella Alexandroff Art Scholarship, Downside Francis Dix Award, Downside

Harriet Sasada Denis Agius Award, Downside

Serafina Vick Drama Scholarship, Prior Park Humanities Scholarship, Prior Park

Harriet Veitch Academic Award, Red Maids'

Katherine Rogers Headmaster’s Award (Art) King’s, Bruton

Matthew McRae Academic Award, Downside

Dominic Huntley Maths & Science Exhibition, Downside

Oliver Alpin Denis Agius Award, Downside

Michael Berridge Denis Agius Award, Downside

Tom Doe Denis Agius Award, Downside

Emily Jennings Denis Agius Award, Downside

Oliver Nias Francis Dix Award, Downside


George Howlett Academic Prior Park College 

Tom Wilkinson Academic Prior Park College 

Edu Minon A Jeremy Irons All-Rounder Sherborne School 

Zoe Strickland Sporting Excellence Prior Park College 

Peter Januszewski Sporting Excellence Prior Park College 

Johnny Neville The major Jeremy Irons Award Sherborne 

Isabel Asquith Academic St Mary's, Shaftesbury 

Tomas Ukleja All-Rounder Prior Park College


Henry Spencer Sherborne

Jack Rawlins Prior Park College

Thomas Veitch Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Daniel Forshaw Prior Park College

Henry Davis Ampleforth

Kit Scouller Downside

Charles Willis King's, Bruton

Barty Isola Downside

Matthew Budd Prior Park College

Dominic Watson Downside

Hettie Hobbs Prior Park College

Gus Allen Millfield

Rosie MacKean Prior Park College

Olivia Eadie Sherborne Girls

Jack Opie Prior Park College

Jamie Sharp King's, Bruton

Thomas Yardley Prior Park College


Oliver Lombard Downside

Amy Bishop Prior Park College

William Leigh Downside

Bobs Morgan Jones Oratory

Alistair Mills King's Bruton

Nicholas Hampson Wells Cathedral

Charles Willis King's Bruton

Jack Harrington Downside

Harry Smith Prior Park College

Edward Johnstone Downside

Michael Jones Prior Park College


Hannah Forshaw Prior Park College

Belen Tejada Prior Park College

Sophie Keefe Prior Park College

Josh Scouller Downside

Isobel Nevile Prior Park College

dam Sealey Wells Cathedral

Stephanie Newmarch Prior Park College

Celia Asquith St. Mary's, Shaftesbury

Grainne Sweeney Prior Park College


Harry Agius Downside

Amy Chan Prior Park

Eve Harvey Taunton School

James Humphries Prior Park

Lucy Loughlin St. Antony's-Leweston

Oliver Melotte Downside

Ian Mollison Downside

William Rawlins Warminster

Anna Scott Bruton School for Girls

Sebastian Sorapure King's, Bruton

Caroline Veitch Red Maids


Anna Walker Academic Scholarship to Dauntsey's

Rachel Daniels Academic Scholarship to Royal Hospital School

Rosalyn Shephard Academic Scholarship to King Edward's Bath

Vicki Patel All Rounder's Scholarship to King's Bruton

Katherine Roberts All Rounder's Scholarship to Canford

Charlotte Lombard All Rounder's Scholarship to St. Mary's Shaftesbury

Timothy Ball Mathematics Scholarship to Downside


Andrew Edwards All Rounders' to Prior Park College

Kate Moxey Scholarship to the Royal Hospital School

Olivia Silk All Rounders' Scholarship to St Mary's, Shaftesbury

Aaron White All Rounders' Scholarship to Blundell's

Matthew Cross The 'Denis Agius Award' to Downside

Emma Habershon Major Music Scholarship to Millfield


Jim Barne Choral Scholarship to St. George's, Windsor

Jordan Evans Academic Scholarship to King's, Taunton

Joseph Fenton All-Rounder Scholarship to King's, Bruton

Jamie Habershon Music Award to Millfield

Rosemary Henderson Choral Scholarship to Wells Cathedral

Eleanor McNulty Academic Scholarship to Badminton

Meg Barne Academic Scholarship to Rencomb College

Clare Blathwaite All-Rounder Scholarship to Prior Park

Genevieve Huntley Academic Scholarship to St. Leonards - Mayfield

Charles Hare All-Rounder Scholarship to Prior Park

Sarah Jenkins Academic Scholarship to Prior Park

James Nicholson Academic Scholarship to Downside