Our Aims



Through the integration of Catholic Christian principles into the school’s everyday life, the provision of warm relationships, prayer, worship and opportunities for reflection and contemplation, we aim to awaken the children spiritually.


Through the school’s teaching and learning, we aim to promote each pupil’s intellectual character, cultivating their capacity to combine thinking skills with knowledge, confidence and self-esteem, to believe in the legitimacy of their own thoughts, to speak their mind articulately (but change it when required), to contest poor thinking and prejudice assertively, and enjoy the challenge of mental sparring. We foster intellectual risk-taking and curiosity, independence, resilience and effective learning habits within an ambitious,  supportive learning community where individual learning profiles are nurtured and celebrated, and where all children are encouraged to strive to achieve their very best. 


We aim to instil an understanding, appreciation and love of healthy lifestyle choices by offering a wide range of personal development opportunities through sports, music, drama and an extensive array of activities to supplement and enhance classroom learning.  Every aspect of school life is seen as a learning opportunity and a chance to promote the development of the whole child.


We encourage children to approach all that they do creatively.  We encourage diversity, critical thinking, imaginative insights and fresh ideas through ensuring children are in touch with things that inspire and excite them.  We encourage children to express themselves, to collaborate, to exchange ideas and build collective solutions to complex problems.


Happiness, confidence and self-esteem are key to living a fulfilled life and underpin great learning.  We strive to develop children’s emotional intelligence, encouraging resilience, effective communication skills, empathy, forgiveness and respect for others.  We want our children to develop their global awareness and social responsibility, to embrace energetically and contribute to the communities and environments in which they live.

Alongside the fulfilment of these interconnected themes, with a close collaboration between home and school, we seek to achieve the successful transfer to the most appropriate senior school for each of our children, taking into account their interests, strengths and character.