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Saturday Enrichment – Enriched, engaged, inspired…
15th Nov 2011

The children in Year 6 have been following the new ‘Life Skills’ module of the Saturday Enrichment Programme this term. They have been involved in a wide variety of activities aimed at developing many different skill sets. They have been both in, and out, of their comfort zones as the programme has strived to broaden their perspectives and enhance their all round personal development.

Activities have included team building exercises and team dynamics modules looking at and appreciating the different roles required to create a truly effective team (as well as understanding their own ‘preferred’ roles), leadership skills development, survival skills in Scouts’ Wood, a very competitive ‘Red Tomatoes’ versus ‘Green Peppers’ Ready, Steady, Cook challenge complete with a panel of ‘expert’ (well, food loving!) judges, Creative Arts and Camp Preparation. The children also undertook a very practical and ‘hands on’ First Aid course, looking at Bleeding, Breathing, Breaks and Burns. The positive, ‘give it a go’ attitude that all of the children have adopted throughout the term has been fantastic – as has the dedication and commitment of the staff involved – they have learnt a lot too!