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Critical Thinking Wizards
28th Sep 2015

Inspired by media coverage surrounding 'Dismaland', the 'Bemusement' Park brainchild of South West artist Banksy and by his wall art, Year 8 children amazed Dr Richards with their insights during a critical thinking lesson.  The children brainstormed ideas around school life and came up with the following phrases that might suitably accompany some of the wall art.  "My best lesson ever" said Dr Richards..."the children were amazing".  Another example of great curriculum crossover at All Hallows as Art and Critical Thinking join forces to power real life discussion.

  • Knowledge is power 
  • Laugh now, your next break is 2 hours away
  • They key to great learning is sometimes daydreaming
  • Pen to paper, party later
  • Sometimes great minds think alone
  • Is uniform a veneer of uniformity?
  • We will all be big soon
  • If we did not change we have no butterflies
  • You only notice something when it’s not there
  • In reality, all dreams are real