Generous Armed Forces Package

All Hallows has a long tradition of educating children of those serving in the Armed Forces and is committed to providing support for this valued community. Our boarders are thriving as a result of our home from home philosophy in the boarding house, combined with our school ethos of ensuring our children's happiness and wellbeing in everything we do.

Understanding is key... We realise that you and your children may experience periods of anxiety and the importance of providing support and understanding to help you through these times. We also understand that your life serving in the Armed Forces can involve regular moves and the unsettling effect this may have on your child's education. Aside from our broad curriculum, we can provide you with stability of education and your child's friendship groups. We will also meet your child wherever they are on their learning journey and, if necessary, work to fill in any gaps they may have encountered along the way.

Committed to providing an affordable education

We realise affordability can be a major concern for you when considering a boarding education, especially if you have several children! So, we offer

  • fees of CEA plus 10%
  • an inclusive package of extras

For more details about our Armed Forces package, please contact us or arrange to visit. Call Jackie on 01749 881609 or email at [email protected]

Independent boarding ambassadors...

If you would like to find out more about what boarding at All Hallows is really like, then do please contact us to arrange to speak to one of our staff or parent boarding ambassadors.

Caring for your children in best possible way

Dr Richards, our Head, is an educational psychologist as well as an educationalist. This means that we have a unique insight both into ensuring our children's happiness and in understanding their development. We know that children learn best when they are happy, not just in the happy in the classroom but happy around the clock. To this end, we are committed to the following:

  • A dedicated Head of Boarding who is ready to welcome the children 'home' at the end of the day.
  • Maintaining our family model with three sets of houseparents looking after up to a total of around 50 boarders. This ensures our houseparents can spend quality time with each and every one of their charges on regular basis, very much as a parent would do at home.
  • Maintaining a balance in our boarders' lives. Prep school life is busy, especially so for a boarder who is generally on the go non-stop from waking up until their evening meal with no down-time whilst travelling to and from school. Whilst we have a wealth of different activities to keep our children busy - we also value the importance of quiet time for relaxation and just chilling out with friends in ensuring their well-being.
  • Maintaining a significant British presence in the boarding house at all times, including the weekends. Our boarding pass initiative means that all our boarders are able to invite their friends in to the house for sleepovers during the week or on a Saturday night.  This strengthens bonds made in the classroom and playground and the invitations are often reciprocated on our exeat weekends - of which we have just three a year.

An innovative approach to education that is producing fantastic results

You can of course explore the website to find out about the inspiring teaching and outstanding opportunities at All Hallows and discover why our children are thriving - but better still, come and visit us and see for yourself!

Our innovative curriculum combined with our creative approach and our commitment to place the happiness and well-being of the children at the heart of our decision-making is proving to be hugely successful. Children are moving on to their senior schools well-prepared and ready to make the most of new opportunities with the foundations for their future happiness and well-being firmly in place.

Why you should choose an independent prep school

A question you may well ask is 'why choose an independent prep school which will inevitably result in another move of schools aged 13?'. The benefits are many!

  • Allowing your child to make the most of their childhood with adults (rather than teenagers) acting as role models
  • To be at the top of the school aged 13 with all the opportunities for leadership that presents
  • To enjoy an organised weekend programme specifically designed for the age group
  • Enjoying the very best teaching in the school where we are not only teaching our curriculum but we are working with the children in developing strategies for revision and managing exam stress as they work toward the Common Entrance exams - strategies that will stand them in good stead at their senior schools, at university and beyond.
  • Guidance and support as we work with you to determine the best senior school for your child and prepare them for entry.

And finally, the clue is in the name – as a prep school our primary function is to prepare our children for senior school, not just to survive but to thrive!