School Fees

For the Academic Year 2023-2024

We believe All Hallows fees represent excellent value. For more information, please speak to our Registrar, Jackie Truelove.  

The school operates on the basis of three terms per year.

Registration Fee (non-refundable): £100

Deposit on acceptance of a place: £500 (refundable against the final invoice after the last term)

Day Fees

Nursery: £60 per day*

Reception: £3,275 per term

Years 1 and 2: £3,365 per term

Year 3: £5,455 per term

Year 4: £5,845 per term

Years 5 and 6: £6,255 per term

Years 7 and 8: £6,545 per term

*Please see note below with regard to Early Years Entitlement Grant

Boarding Fees

Full Boarding (all years): £9,900 per term

Weekly boarding (Sunday/Monday to Thursday): £8,640 per term

Day Plus* Boarding: £695 supplement per child per term

Overnight Boarding (subject to availability): £53

* Our Day Plus boarding option includes 25 nights per term based on two regular nights of boarding each week.  Boarding nights may be changed subject to the availability of beds.

Short Stay boarding for International Students:

  • £1,050 per week for Years 4 to 7 and Year 8 excluding Summer Term
  • £1,150 per week for Year 8  - Summer Term
  • £9,900 per term Years 4 to 7 and Year 8 excluding Summer Term
  • £10,500 per term Year 8 - Summer Term


Children take part in occasional trips to support their work in the curriculum. These include residential trips in Years 5, 6, 7 and 8. Whilst these trips are subsidised by the school, parents are asked for a contribution.

Learning Support - costs for 2023-2024

Learning support charges, which are subsidised by the school, are pre-agreed with each family accessing the highly personalised learning support which is referred to as 'Wave 3' within our graduated response system. These are broadly defined as follows:

Provision / time1 hour/week1.5 hours/week2 hours/week
One-to-one£345 per term£517.50 per term£690 per term
Paired Work£225 per term£337.50 per term£450 per term
Small Group Work£170 per term£255 per term£340 per term

Other additional charges

Our fees are largely inclusive.  As such, there are no extra charges for things such as meals, stationery items, transport to fixtures, after-school free activities for Reception to Year 8 and the majority of Saturday morning enrichment activities for Years 6 to 8. There is a charge for activities that the boarders undertake at the weekend, although we aim to keep these under £200 per child per term.        

Not included are the following:

  • Curriculum trips and educational visits. Whilst these are significantly subsidised by the school, parents are asked for a contribution.
  • The school runs a number of residential trips for pupils from Years 5 to 8.  There will be a charge which will be advised and payable in advance.

Optional Extras - costs for 2023-2024

Supper for day pupils


English as an Additional Language

EAL, if required, for International Students is charged at £660 per term plus examination fees.

Instrumental Music Tuition

£31 per lesson (30 mins)

Tennis Coaching

Individual lessons: £23.10 - £44.10 depending on length

Paired lessons: £15.75 – £26.25 depending on length

Group lessons (max 6 pupils): £9 - £13.15 depending on length

Speech and Drama

Group lesson: £10.50 (30 minutes)

Paired lesson: £15.75 (30 minutes)

Other Chargeable Activities

All Hallows offers a wide range of free and chargeable activities during break times and after school.  Where we employ a specialist instructor, for activities such as gymnastics, ballet, swimming etc, we make a small charge to cover our costs. This is likely to be between £7 and £11 per lesson depending on the activity and the number of children participating.

Sibling discount

We offer a sibling discount of 10% for the youngest child when there are three, and 20% for the youngest child when there are four children in full-time education at All Hallows.

Every day we are incredibly thankful we are in a position to send (our children) to All Hallows.  These unprecedented times have just reinforced that all of the sacrifices we have had to make are, without doubt, worthwhile.


Universal Entitlement (formerly Early Years Entitlement Grant)

A child between the age of 3 (the term after their 3rd birthday) and 5 (the term in which their 5th birthday falls) is eligible to receive Universal Entitlement which will reduce your fees. We will claim the grant on your behalf and deduct it from your fees. To do this you will need to complete a form and let us have sight of your child’s original birth certificate.

We subscribe to both the 15 and 30 hour schemes. Follow this link to find out more about the Government Schemes and eligibility.

NB: If you are also using another Nursery and receiving funding please let us know

Childcare Vouchers

We support a number of different company childcare voucher schemes.  If you have subscribed to such a scheme, do please contact us to confirm that we are able to support your scheme.  If we are not already supporting it, we are very happy to consider registering with any company your employer may use.

Changes to fees

All fees are subject to annual review by our Board of Governors.  Please be reassured however that the Governors are committed to providing an affordable education and strive to keep increases to a minimum. Fees are generally published at the end of the Lent Term preceding the start of the academic year in September.