Prep school boarding at its best

Whether you are looking for full, weekly or flexi boarding or just an occasional night here and there, we will be delighted to welcome you.  Located within the homely surroundings of the main school house, our boarding is quite literally at the heart of our warm and vibrant school community in all respects.

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Of course, living in a boarding house is different to home. It is meant to be. But bricks and mortar, common rooms and dormitories, swimming pools and tennis courts do not make a home. It is defined by the people within it. Our staff pride themselves on being a caring and inspirational team. We place great value on the relationships that we build with the children and on creating an environment that truly feels like a home from home.  With many of us living at school all year round, that is indeed what it is.

More about life in the boarding community

Lifelong friendships are made by all the shared experiences and challenges that come from living within a community.  Our children grow, develop as individuals and learn to support each other. Happy, healthy and energised boarders thrive upon the opportunities that prep school life opens up to them.  All that we do aims to prepare our boarders for their daily life at All Hallows as well as for their future.

Please have your boarding pass ready...

Boarding pass at the ready...

...our boarding passes allow our boarders to invite their friends for a free night's boarding. Read more about our boarding passes here.

Why board at All Hallows?

For those with busy or unpredictable working lives, boarding offers you flexibility and your child stability whilst allowing them to enjoy a wide range of activities in the company of their friends.  For those whose children will be boarding at their senior school, the experience of having already lived in a community within a familiar environment can make all the difference to settling in and getting on with the next stage of their education.

In order to find out what truly makes us different, the best thing that you could do is pay us a visit. Warmth and a true sense of community are hard things to define with words - they need to be experienced.

"Dear Dr Richards, I would just liked to thank you for the past years I've had at All Hallows. All Hallows has definitely changed me as a person, I have become more independent in my learning and became a more mature person. The school has given me loads of opportunities that I would have never had in the years before.... I saw the pictures of the pizza in the woods and all the pizzas looked so yummy. I wish I was there to enjoy the moments with all of you.....Thank you once again Dr Richards this school has made its mark in my heart that will never ever be replaced - it is apart of me and my life." 

 A former pupil

Exeats, half term and quarantine

We have 3 exeat weekends a year when the majority of our boarders will go out for the weekend, either to their own home, to their guardian or to stay in a friend's home with the agreement of all concerned. 

If you are considering joining All Hallows in the Summer or September 2023, we still have some places available. Please contact Jackie for more information.

Read more below about the potential benefits of boarding at All Hallows...

A step towards independence

Learning to live as part of a community of peers, the quirks, the highs, the challenges and the successes are all great experience. These experiences, all gained under the watchful eye a caring team of staff, allow our boarders to develop what they need for later life…resilience! Taking lots of these little steps towards maturity on a daily basis is one of the intangibles of boarding.

The learning never stops

As an All Hallows boarder your child is immersed in an educational environment 24 hours a day. They learn important life skills that they wouldn’t necessarily learn at home in the evenings and weekends. Coupled with increased access to all clubs, activities and facilities the learning definitely never stops!

Flexibility around your family

We offer many different boarding packages. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. We hope that we can match the different needs of all our families. Modern life is fast-paced and we understand the need to be flexible and supportive. Boarding can be a positive, healthy and supportive part of your weekly family life. Please do speak to us about how boarding can support your family.

Our children's future is international

Our children will live in an increasingly international world. We are multi-cultural and proud of this fact. This allows our boarders to rub shoulders with children of different cultures- to make friends and live in a thriving community based around mutual respect. We will always be a British Boarding school, but our overseas pupils really do complement and add to our boarding house. Living at all Hallows is an excellent preparation for the increasingly international adult world.

Continued evolution...

Our boarding is evolving and improving all the time as we add different activities and further develop our facilities. Recently, we have added a new common room, a boarders’ kitchen, brought junior prep home, renovated a new template dormitory, begun our early morning well-being programme and instigated our new boarding rewards and good conduct scheme. Being a boarder at All Hallows has never been so good and we will never rest on our laurels.

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