Life in our boarding community

As the old adage goes ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. We have a dedicated residential team, that comprises of a wide variety ages, interests, cultures and experience that benefits all of our boarders. They are a great team!

Living in the heart of the community

Our boarders live in the main school house, Cranmore Hall, quite literally at the heart of our community. The homely surroundings include log fires, wellie boots lined up in the porch, a special boarders' kitchen and three boarders' common rooms. Dormitories, which have fantastic views across the grounds, are on the first and second floors with the girls and boys located on separate landings.

Hot chocolate for the boys in the common room

The majority of our residential staff, including the house parents and the gap students, are also live in the house and are on hand to support the boarders at all times.

Meals are prepared by our catering team and eaten in the school dining room, also located within the main house.

How do things work?

Right from our 7.20 am wake up call, staff are on hand to support and guide our boarders through their morning routine, which may include some exercise before a healthy breakfast and heading off to school.

At the end of each school day our houseparents welcome home our boarders. Head of Boarding, Mr Eales, arranges our evening and weekend activity programme for all our children to take part in.

Our experienced Residential Team set the tone and ethos of the house, making sure that it is a home from home for the children who live in it. We aim to provide a blueprint of healthy activity mixed with downtime and relaxation that they can take forward as they grow as individuals.  Our staff are instrumental in ensuring that our house is all that we would want it to be. In actual fact, there is so much that they do, it is best to visit us and ask them about it!

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Things you need to know about boarding by Rosie and Francesca

Don't worry, be happy

Don’t worry, be happy. Try not to be too shy- it can be scary starting at a new school especially if English isn’t your first language but try to be confident and talk to people because they want to get to know you and know how you might be feeling.

We will help you find your way around

You will have a buddy for the first few weeks, he / she is usually in your tutor group and dorm, they will know their way around the school very well so you should have no trouble getting to lessons or wherever you need to be during the week.

Boarding is really fun

Boarding is really fun! - we have activities every night and on Wednesday we have whole house events such as open-mic-night where all the boarders prepare some sort of entertainment for everyone to enjoy, usually the teachers get involved as well! We also go on trips on Sundays. For example, we go on trips to waterparks and paintballing. Although, sometimes activities take place at school like bouncy castles and water-zorbing.

Treat nights

Sweets, or tuck as it is called at All Hallows, is very important. We get tuck from the school on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but you may also like to bring your own food which you have to hand in to our houseparents and can have on tuck or treat nights.

Bring pictures of posters and don't forget your teddy

Lots of the current boarders have said that one of the most important things at school is their bed. Your bed is where you probably will spend most of your time in the boarding house, so we feel that it is a nice place for you to be. Also, you may want some pictures or posters to stick up on your wall and finally teddy– or lots! Or even something that just reminds you or home.

Try not to be messy

Don’t be messy! Now, this is coming from some very messy pupils, so we know what we’re talking about! Also, the cleaners are really nice and shouldn’t have to tidy up after you. Try to be organised, Sunday evening is a really good time to get yourselves organised for the week ahead.

You are allowed your phones but...

You are allowed your phones and other electronic devices, but they have to be handed in at night and during the school day. The school has Wi-Fi turned on occasionally in the evenings or on the weekend which can be used in St. Bede’s.
You will have a couple of scheduled times throughout the week in which you can call home. Most of the time, you will be too busy to use it and making the most of your time at All Hallows.

Your houseparents are very important

Houseparents. At All Hallows, your houseparents are very important because they are your parents away from home. If you ever have a problem or just want someone to talk to, they are always there. On special occasions your houseparent may organise a ‘treat’ where you are allowed to watch a movie with some sweets, pizza, etc… Sometimes in the summer there are picnics outside in the evening or trips up to the woods to toast marshmallows on the camp fire. There are also boarder’s sleepovers when some of the day pupils in your year group spend the night at school and special activities take place.

Your houseparent or teacher will always find time to talk to you

For a short while you might miss home.  If you do feel homesick, do tell someone because they have probably been through the same thing. Also, don’t be afraid to talk to your houseparent or a teacher because they will always find time to talk to you.