Reviews and Testimonials

We love it when people share their thoughts about All Hallows with us. Do read what others have to say. If you would like to review us too, please do!

What others are saying...  

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Some parent feedback...

...September 2020

"You are all so kind … just those little emails!  You just think it is the norm, but having experienced many schools over the years, All Hallows is a very special place indeed with wonderful and kind teachers like yourself...  I really cannot say enough good things about the School.  I have a very happy child who embraces everything at AH … I just wish I had known about AH many years ago!"

...on leaving Year 8

Names have been removed to protect anonymity.

I remember back to the day I came to visit thinking that I was making a fool of myself expecting my daughter to be able to attend such a fantastic School, and will always be grateful to you for your kindness and help, my daughter has loved every second of being at All Hallows, she has thrived in All Hallows care, literally every member of staff be it teaching, boarding, catering and of course the bus driver is kind, thoughtful and compassionate.

Two weeks go she was invited to a senior, with her artwork even though they had said they did not think a Scholarship would be offered as the deadline had well passed, she was nervous, but the nerves soon passed and she talked with confidence and passion about All Hallows, her favourite subjects and then her Art.

She excitedly explained each painting, to the Head who said he was blown away with her portfolio, and offered her a Scholarship there and then, having not seen my daughter in action in the interview situation, I could not of been prouder and I felt there and then that All Hallows have given her the best education, learning and grounding any parent could hope for.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for giving my daughter some of the best years of her life ( her words in the car this morning), and not only that for supporting her through her illness, with any worries and of course for listening to me, we will all miss All Hallows very much, there is something very special about your School and may it never change.

My husband and I were wondering when the moment would hit our son. Well, it arrived yesterday evening as I drove him out of school for the penultimate time of his school life with you at All Hallows’. The tears flowed and flowed some more. It was quite a moment to witness my strong, no nonsense, at times incredibly stubborn young man be reduced to tears at the (very late!!) realisation that his time and school life with you at All Hallows’ and your incredible team is finally coming to its conclusion. Today.

What a watershed moment!!

How can we, as parents, even begin to thank you and the entire team throughout this journey for everything you’ve all done? The bottles of sparkling stuff sat on our kitchen table waiting to go this morning, although very nice (!!!), seems nowhere near a reflection or token enough of our immense and overwhelming gratitude to you all for all your efforts, mentoring and dedication to doing such an amazing job. Especially this year in the most difficult of circumstances.

So I’ll leave with you the knowledge, that my tough, obstinate, stubborn, ever increasingly independent teenager has finally realised what he is saying farewell to today, and for him, the tears have flown, are flowing and will continue to do so. This is no mean feat!!

It is an understatement to write that we have loved our time with you as parents at All Hallows’ and we thank you from the very bottoms of our hearts. We thank you for being so much more than teachers, over the past eight and a half years, and for being such inspiring mentors and guardians of our children’s futures.

I know we’ll see you and the team again and drop in whenever we can for any social or sporting event. We both wish you the very best of luck today, in saying goodbye to your Year 8s in these very difficult circumstances. We’re grateful beyond belief that you fought so hard to have this special day with our Year 8s to mark the culmination of their time with you. It’ll be a treasured day that will remain with our son and all of us for many, many years to come.

Thank you for your kind words about the girls, they have been very lucky to have the opportunities All Hallows' has given them and to be somewhere where they are so happy.

I wanted to write to thank you personally for all you have done for my eldest daughter, both in terms of her senior school entrance last year and your history teaching this year.  You have given her a huge amount of support and care and you have really got to know her and her individual needs.  She liked history before, but your input has inspired her hugely and left her with what we are sure will be a lifelong love of it - she currently has plans to read it at university!  She read me the card she wrote for you and it is clear how much confidence she has gained from your support and your belief in her.  I am glad that she knows how lucky she is to have had that experience as we all know that inspirational teaching is not a given, and we are very grateful to you for all you have done for her.   

Our parents are always very happy to talk to you - let us know if you would like us to introduce you!