Imaginative and experimental Art

Our thriving and vibrant Art Department in our bright and airy purpose-built studio is a very exciting place to be.

In an art lessonOur goal is to have fun and to inspire every pupil through interesting and creative experiences and to explore their imagination whilst developing an understanding of art. We aim to build our children’s confidence and to give them skills that are integral to all subjects.  

Learning to experiment and to take pleasure in mistakes is one of the most valuable skills that every student that walks through the Art Department door can acquire. Having the courage to take chances encourages children to think laterally - an invaluable skill to have whatever path they may choose to tread.

It goes without saying that each pupil in the Art Department is encouraged to achieve high standards and to be adventurous with a variety of media and processes, but never at the expense of the joy taken in the learning process.

We are lucky to be within easy reach of a number of galleries including Hauser and Wirth in Bruton, The Holburne Museum in Bath, Victoria Art Gallery in Bath and the Black Swan Gallery in Frome.  We are also less than an hour away from Bristol’s galleries and museums. Visits to these complement the wide spectrum of visiting professional artists; painters, sculptors, ceramicists, all enriching the children’s experience during the year.

Visiting local Hauser and Wirth galleryThe syllabus covers drawing, painting, printing, sculpture, ceramics, photography/media and construction. The children are motivated to discover new techniques and usually find that they can achieve more than they thought possible! The resulting artwork is celebrated in and around our school and in exhibitions throughout the school year as well as in local galleries.

Art Scholarships

We support talented children who opt for art as their specialism in their preparations for potential art scholarships to senior schools. Art enrichment and workshop sessions are provided which enable these children to produce the body of work required for interviews. Emphasis is placed on acquiring strong observational and sound technical skills that are the foundation of every young artist.  

Whether your child is just beginning to explore the world of art or is a budding art scholar, our art department is a great place to pass time and be inspired.

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