Throughout their time at All Hallows children are encouraged and given opportunities to stand on stage and experience performing in front of others. Equipped with sophisticated sound and lighting systems, our Chapel transforms into an ideal setting for various different plays and musicals.

This journey begins in the Junior Department where children from Nursery to Year 2 take part in our annual Nativity. Pupils in Year 3 and 4 join them for our Harvest Festival and Mother’s Day celebrations.

There is always great excitement surrounding the annual Year 4 production which gives plenty of scope for many children to take lead parts.

Year 4 in Aladdin

As children go up through the school, our Year 5 children work on their own class performances, learning about script, lighting and direction as they plan and rehearse their plays in curriculum time.

Year 6 and 7 perform a play each year. All children are welcome to join the cast or help backstage with lighting, sound or music should they express an interest. Rehearsals for this performance take place during Saturday Enrichment and allow a focussed block of time for rehearsal. Recent performances include The Lion King, Peter Pan, The Addams Family, Alice in Wonderland, Grease, The Little Mermaid and Narnia.

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Pupils in Year 3 – 6 enjoy drama lessons on a weekly basis. At a younger age we focus upon developing confidence and a willingness to embrace self-expression and creativity.  As pupils move through the school our concentration develops to include different skills and genres of performance.

Whatever the age of pupil, drama offers the opportunity to learn some important life skills. For some, speaking in public and in front of peers may come naturally, for others it offers a challenge and a chance to step out of a comfort zone.

Speech and Drama

For those wishing to take their drama skills to a higher level, Speech and Drama is offered as a paid extra.  These children are prepared for LAMDA examinations and perform at the Mid-Somerset Festival in Bath where the school holds a well-established tradition of achieving superb results.