Outdoor learning in Forest School

Forest School is about exploring and experiencing the natural world through practical activities. At All Hallows, our children go out in all weathers, all year round, exploring and learning from the seasons and environment changes. We believe children thrive when their learning is fuelled by a spirit of adventure and this motivates them to become more independent learners back in the classroom.

We are lucky to have our own nine-acre onsite woodland, Scouts Wood, where the ever-changing environment allows the children to have memorable learning experiences. Our fabulous array of resources includes an outdoor classroom as well as a cabin with an indoor space, pizza ovens, food preparation areas and fire pits with cooking facilities.

Camp fire in Forest School

Our mud kitchens and boat encourage sensory, imaginative and role play for our younger children.

Imaginative play in the boat in Forest School

Children are introduced to a variety of hand tools from an early age. These experiences allow them to manage risks within a safe setting.

Learning how to use a saw in Forest School

Our Forest School garden provides a wealth of learning opportunities.

Planting vegetables in Forest School

Young people are intensely curious and research has shown that children are stimulated by the outdoors and will, over time, typically experience an increase in their learning capacity, enthusiasm and emotional well-being. Children's confidence and self-esteem is enhanced when they are empowered to make their own decisions and encouraged to use their initiative to solve problems and to cooperate with others.

Forest School is an integral part of our curriculum at All Hallows which we believe adds value to classroom-based learning. With lessons linked closely to the curriculum, our children are not just learning about the natural environment and world around them, they are continuing their learning outside the classroom.

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