Our Charity Work

As part of the school’s Christian ethos, All Hallows has a history of vibrant and successful fundraising, with a huge range of exciting and innovative charitable endeavours throughout the school year.

Charitable activities provide our pupils with many opportunities for learning, increasing their social awareness and developing a sense of responsibility for others. It encourages them to support those less fortunate than themselves and helps them to understand their needs. It also fosters a sense of gratitude in the children for all they have, teaching them to value their health, security, relationships, food, education and opportunities.

The schools support a number of local, national and international charities – ranging from the Children’s Hospice South West to emergency appeals from the DEC (Disaster Emergency Committee).  The School Council chooses at least two charities to support each year and we respond to requests from pupils, past pupils and parents and disasters as they occur.

Once a year, All Hallows is awash with dots and spots as pupils come to school dressed in home clothes to support Children in Need.

Pudsey visits All Hallows

The children also love to participate in the House Charities day, held in the summer term.

Cycling for House Charities Day

Our link school

We have a link school in Sang’a School in the Lewa Valley at the base of Mount Kenya, which has been an ongoing beneficiary of our charity work since 2007. The school is administered by the Tusk Trust, a locally based organisation that has considerable experience initiating and funding conservation and community development programmes right across Africa, together with LEWA education in Kenya. Our most recent contribution has been a whopping £7,820 raised by the All Hallows community to fund two whole new sanitation blocks to be built for the boys and girls.

Sang'a School in Kenya

The development of the link with Sang'a School has provided pupils and teachers in both partner schools with valuable learning experiences. Teachers from All Hallows have visited Sang'a and this has helped to focus the children's attention on fund raising, making the link more real for them. Pupils can develop their skills of communication and enquiry, reflecting on their attitudes towards other people and challenging stereotypical views. They begin to consider their own roles and responsibilities as global citizens as well as the roles and responsibilities of international communities such as the United Nations.

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