Moving on to Senior School aged 13

All Hallows is a truly independent prep school. This gives our parents and children complete freedom of choice when considering the different options for senior school – the extensive list of schools below is testimony to this.  We work closely with you, as parents, to achieve successful transfer to the most appropriate senior school, taking into account your child’s interests, strengths, passions and character. 

The decision-making process

Choosing a senior school for your child can be a daunting process and we help you every step of the way, starting with ‘Top of the Tree’ talks (designed for parents with children in Year 5 and above but open to all) and culminating with negotiating the admissions procedures for your chosen school.


A large number of our Year 8 pupils choose to apply for a scholarship or award and their success in this area is quite remarkable, with between 60% and 70% of pupils gaining an award including academic, sport, music, design and technology, art, drama and all rounder awards. See below for details of recent Scholarships and Awards gained by our pupils.

In 2022, 69% of our Year 8's received a scholarship to their chosen Senior School.
224 scholarships were gained by Year 8 pupils from 2018 to 2022 covering all aspects of school life.

Feedback from the senior schools

As important as the children’s scholarship success, if not more so, is the feedback we regularly get from those schools our children move on to.  It makes us immensely proud to hear how well they settle in and take on the challenges of senior school life and, essentially, how the All Hallows children will naturally take others - who may be the only child from their prep school or those perhaps struggling a little with the transition - under their wing.   

Additionally, when we hear of subsequent success such as Oxbridge entry or excelling in a sport to be recognised at a national level we are delighted; all the more so if they hadn’t necessarily been the best in that aspect of life at All Hallows. Every child develops at a different rate and we firmly believe that the grounding they receive when with us allows them to go on and achieve great things.

Since 2011, every Year 8 pupil has gained entry to their chosen senior school, whether through the Common Entrance or scholarship routes, and we are so proud of their efforts and achievements. We wish them well as they move on and urge them to keep in touch; our leavers will always be a really important part of the All Hallows community.

Senior Schools 2018-2022
Scholarships gained in 2022

Scholarships and awards 2022

We are immensely proud of our Year 8 pupils who have gained Scholarships and Awards this year. Of the 32 Year 8 children who applied to join secondary schools in the UK, 22 pupils were given an accolade, representing 69% of the year group. 

In total 33 awards were given including

  • Academic (3)
  • All Rounder (1)
  • Art (8)
  • Computer Science (1)
  • Design Technology (2)
  • Drama (5)
  • Headmasters Award (1)
  • Music (4)
  • Sports (9)

King's Bruton - 8 scholarships:

Art Scholarships (2), All Rounder Scholarship (1), Design Technology Scholarship (1), Drama Scholarship (1), Music Scholarship (1), Sports Scholarships (2)

Wells Cathedral - 8 scholarships:

Art Scholarships (3), Drama Scholarship (1), Sports Scholarships (4)

Millfield - 3 scholarships:

Art Scholarship (1), Hockey Scholarship (1), Sports Scholarship (1)

Monkton Combe- 1 scholarship:

Art Scholarship (1)

Prior Park - 1 Scholarship:

Music Scholarship (1)

Sherborne - 1 Scholarship:

Sports Scholarship (1)

Sherborne Girls - 2 Scholarships:

Academic Scholarship (1), Music Scholarship (1)

Taunton School - 2 Scholarships:

Design Technology Scholarship (1), Computer Science Scholarship (1)

Warminster School - 2 Scholarships:

Art Scholarship (1), Drama Scholarship (1)

Scholarships gained in recent years

224 scholarships were gained by Year 8 pupils from 2018 to 2022 covering all aspects of school life as follows:

Scholarship gained 2016 to 2020

These scholarships were gained to the following schools:

  • Blundells
  • Bruton School for Girls
  • Clifton College
  • Dauntsey's School
  • Downside
  • Fulham School
  • Haileybury
  • King’s, Bruton
  • King's College, Taunton
  • Kingswood School
  • Marlborough College
  • Millfield 
  • Milton Abbey
  • Monkton
  • Oundle School
  • Prior Park College
  • Repton School
  • Sherborne
  • Sherborne Girls
  • St Mary's Shaftesbury
  • Wells Cathedral School
  • Westonbirt School

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