Chapel and Spiritual Life

We warmly welcome children and families from all faiths and none, embracing and welcoming diversity within our community.  All Hallows is an entirely inclusive Christian school. Our ethos underpins the life of the school and is the basis on which our community is built.

Our aim is for school life to be a reflection of these values. We treat each child as an individual, but equally we help the children to understand that they are part of a community in which compassion, kindness, patience and forgiveness form the basis of their friendships. We believe that everyone has their own exceptional value and has a role to play in our community. We also see children as whole people and aim to develop every aspect of their young lives, whether spiritual, intellectual, personal, creative or emotional.

As part of life at school, we meet together on a weekly basis as a whole school where significant aspects are led by the children themselves. We provide opportunities for quiet reflection in a vibrant, bustling school life.

Catholic staff and pupils make up around 20% of our school community, and for our Catholic families, preparation for First Holy Communion, Confirmation and Confession are an important part of the sacramental life of the school. Catholic children choose to join in these preparations, which take place as an extracurricular option, when they are ready to do so. Our Catholic boarders can celebrate Mass either in school or at a local parish every Sunday.

All Hallows’ Chapel has grown from a small building tucked under the attics in the main house to a free-standing building in the school grounds, which has also enabled us to use the space for productions, concerts and visiting speakers.  As such, this is a dynamic and exciting place, which reflects the life of the whole school.

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