Preparing for senior school transfer

A multitude of opportunities come from being ‘top of the tree’ at All Hallows.

The whole thrust and philosophy of a prep school increasingly comes to fulfilment in the final two years as we prepare the children for the next phase of their education, not just academically but also equipping them with the essential skills which will help them to thrive as individuals in whatever comes next.

Children are at a crucial developmental stage when they are eleven to thirteen years old – i.e. when they are in Years 7 and 8.  At All Hallows, they are able to learn and to make mistakes in a safe, secure, nurturing and caring environment. Our children have a strong rapport with their teachers, who also act as excellent role models. Although not cosseted from the outside world, our pupils are better able to grow up at their own pace without unnecessary and perhaps unwelcome teenage influences. Open and regular communication allows parents and staff to work in partnership to support each child’s well-being and development at this critical time.

Engaging teaching

We encourage independence and the development of character through opportunities for leadership and responsibility in Years 7 and 8, such as prefects, house captains, reading buddies and mentors.

Starting in Year 6, or earlier if you are considering a highly selective such as Eton, we work closely with you to help you determine the best senior school for your child - often a process which can seem somewhat daunting to you at the outset.   We are here to help you every step of the way from explaining to different options available to negotiating the admissions processes, which can be quite different from school to school.

Once the hard work preparing for Common Entrance and Scholarship is complete (and the memory of the exams is fading fast), our Year 8s make the most of their remaining time with us embarking on a Post-CE programme that we believe is second to none!  A trip to Parliament, a creative design challenge (with a theme park trip for much needed research), Pulse CSI forensic science workshop, careers guidance, inspirational educational talks on important life topics and a much anticipated Year 8 Camp all play their part within an action-packed schedule, culminating in leavers' celebrations and of course Prize Day.

Children move on to their senior schools as confident, resilient young people, who are well-prepared for the challenges ahead. We love the regular feedback we receive from senior schools on how well our pupils have settled in and integrated into their new communities, often helping others who have found the transition to senior school life more challenging.

Spending time as a big fish in a small pond has significant benefits!

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